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Power of Humor in Conversational Marketing

Learn how a witty opening line can convert anonymous visitors into potential clients.

Vaida Bit
Marketingas, Atlasmic
In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the emergence of conversational marketing has revolutionized how businesses interact with their customers. Unlike traditional methods, this strategy emphasizes real-time, one-on-one interactions between marketers and customers, primarily through live chat services. The aim is to foster a more personal connection with customers, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.

The Scientific Insight: Humor's Role in Engagement and Conversion

A groundbreaking study titled "Should Your Chatbot Joke? Driving Conversion Through the Humour of a Chatbot Greeting" by Vaida Lekaviciute, Vilte Auruskeviciene, and James Reardon, explores the impactful role of humor in chatbot interactions. While the study focuses on chatbots, its findings are remarkably relevant to conversational marketing in a broader sense. The researchers discovered that incorporating humor into chatbot greetings significantly enhances customer engagement, emotional attachment, and conversion-to-lead rates. This is a revelation for businesses utilizing live chat services, as the principles of engaging customers effectively through humor can be similarly applied.
Read the full research here for deeper insights in the ResearchGate Article.

Applying Research Insights to Live Chat Services

While the research primarily delves into chatbots, its implications for live chat services in conversational marketing are undeniable. Here’s how:
  • Humor Enhances Engagement
    : Just like with chatbots, using humor in live chat interactions can significantly increase customer engagement. A light-hearted, humorous approach can make conversations more memorable and enjoyable, encouraging customers to spend more time interacting with your brand.
  • Building Emotional Connections
    : The study shows that humor can foster emotional attachments. In live chat scenarios, humor can create a friendly and relatable image of your brand, thus deepening the customer’s emotional connection with your business.
  • Boosting Conversion Rates
    : Importantly, the research highlights that humor can lead to higher conversion-to-lead rates. By applying this in live chat interactions, businesses can potentially see increased customer acquisition and sales.

The Future of Conversational Marketing

As we move forward, the integration of humor in conversational marketing, particularly in live chat services, presents a unique opportunity for businesses to stand out. It’s not just about responding to customer queries; it's about creating a delightful experience that resonates emotionally with customers. This approach can lead to stronger customer relationships, higher engagement, and increased conversions.


The fusion of conversational marketing with strategic humor, as suggested by the research of Lekaviciute, Auruskeviciene, and Reardon, offers a new horizon for customer interactions. Businesses should consider these insights to enhance their live chat services, making every customer conversation not just informative but also engaging and memorable.
Embrace the power of humor in your conversational marketing strategy and transform how you connect with your customers.
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