Create lasting relationships with your users. Embed live chat in your website and boost your sales.

One message - all it takes to create an experience

Remember the last time you were searching for something in the shop and a consultant asked to help you out. How about we take this to the Internet?

Create custom first messages

Track your website visitors and when they land in a position where you can help them - send a message. How’s that for a great relationship start?

Make it yours

From messages to colors - personalize Atlasmic to make it work with your branding. Oh, and by the way - the chat widget is already made with the clean design in mind.

Integrate with other apps

Chat works with other Atlasmic apps such as


Every conversation done through Atlasmic Chat app is automatically documented in your conversations library.


Learn a lot of details about every visitor landed in your pages while you create relationship through chat.


Get weekly or monthly updates about your chat statistics, get deep insights what can be improved.

Frequently asked questions

How to install Chat app?

Chat app can be accessed through Atlasmic App Store. There you can enable it, customize it and make it look good on your website. It will start working right away.

How Chat app affects my loading speed?

As our top priority in creating Atlasmic is to stay ahead of the competitors - we have a technology-first goal to make sure you are also at your top game. On average, it takes about 0.13 seconds to load the widget and it is loaded the last. That means, your content will be identically received with/without Chat installed.

Can I try Chat app for free?

Yes! We have a free trial available for Atlasmic Pro plan and the Chat is included. In addition to that, all our plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try other Atlasmic features.

Is Atlasmic Chat GDPR ready?

Yes, we will automatically delete all visitor that have not been active on your site in 9 months and ensure that all GDPR requirements are met from our side.

Best time to start is today

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