Convert helps you to convert website visitors by giving you cues when is the right time to message them.

Message your visitors in highly-converting pages

Your visitors are much more likely to convert in some parts of your funnel. Know when the visitor is likely to convert and increase his chances of converting - write him a message at the right time.

Never leave your potential client stuck with a full cart

Choose the easy way and be available to your customers on your terms. Chat from your pocket. Solve inquiries from your computer. You can set up a great sales process in minutes.

Fresh insights on your sales today, everyday

Zoom into your daily sales performance metrics. Analyze your chats, visitor growth and much more.

Integrate with other apps

Convert works with other Atlasmic apps such as


Connect to your highly converting visitor via chat. Make the sale happen then and there.


Gather data the second visitor lands in your website and send it to other apps to trigger custom actions.


Generate constant updates about your visitors, wind up deep insights to weekly or monthly statistics.

Frequently asked questions

How to install Convert app?

Convert app can be accessed through Atlasmic App Store. There you can enable it and enter target pages where do you want it to work. Eventually, you can download Atlasmic Mobile app to make sure you make out the most of the tool performance.

How Convert app works?

Our technology-first approach to the tools we make lets us to create solutions that matter the most. Convert app works together with a tracking in mind when it comes to landing a sales lead. After that, it works closely with the Mobile/Desktop apps to send you a notification about the visit. Then, you can make the magic happen.

Can I try Convert app for free?

Yes! We have a free trial available for Atlasmic Pro plan and the Convert is included. In addition to that, all our plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try other Atlasmic features.

Does Convert work with multiple pages?

Yes, you can add as many pages as you want to get the most of the tool. However, make sure to add a target page to the pages where the conversion is the most accurate.

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