Easily connect to Shopify and have your customers order history and other details while you chat.

Everything about your customer at your fingertips

Deliver exceptional customer experience by having customer data like order history, name and email while you chat. Shorten the time it takes you to answer your customer questions by having more context.

Integrate with your Shopify store in under a minute

It takes just one-click to integrate Atlasmic with your Shopify store. Once that is done, you'll be able to see your customer information inside the Atlasmic dashboard.

Seamless order tracking

Automate 60% of your customer support queries by allowing your customers to check their order tracking status themselves.

Integrate with other apps

Shopify works with other Atlasmic apps such as

Order Tracking

Automate your customer support by allowing your customers to check their order tracking status themselves.


Connect with your Shopify store customers and see their contact information while you chat.


Enable your Shopify store customers to contact you on your own terms.

Frequently asked questions

How to connect Atlasmic to Shopify?

There are two ways to connect Atlasmic to Shopify. First, this can be done from the Shopify App Store - just put "Atlasmic" in the search, enable the app and the connection is done. Also, you can connect your Shopify store with Atlasmic through Atlasmic App Store. Just enable the app and authorize your store from our end. The connection takes up to few minutes.

How the Shopify integration works?

First, in the background, we add a Javascript tag to your Shopify store. Then, upon your app selection, we ask Shopify for the information they already have and send it back to your enabled apps. For example, Order Tracking gets information from Shopify orders to display status for your customers, etc.

How Shopify app affects my store speed?

On average, it takes about 0.13 seconds to load the widget and it is loaded the last one in line. That means, that first, your customers will notice everything like it was before and only when everything is loaded we will load the widget.

Is the Shopify integration secure?

Yes. We adhere to Shopify App Store standards and our app was reviewed by the Shopify Staff. Not only do we use secure authentification protocols, but also all the best practices when it comes to security and your peace of mind.

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