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Frequently asked questions

What is Atlasmic for?

Atlasmic is best suited to small and mid-sized organizations that have medium or higher lifetime value (LTV) of the customer.

What are people reached?

It is the number of unique people you can reach per month through live chat messages, contact form, as well as people who've engaged with your website messages. You can increase the limit with additional purchases. Typically, less than 1% of your website traffic will contact you via widgets. So if you have a traffic of 20,000 visitors per month, 200 people reached is an optimal number.

I have a question. How to contact you?

The best way to contact us is via the livechat. Alternatively, you can email us at info@atlasmic.com

What are Chat, Track and other apps?

Apps are what make Atlasmic so unique and attractive to every Internet business. In order to grow sales or build relationships with your visitors, it is important to use accurate tools that allow to adapt in the fast changing market. If you are thinking of staying ahead of your competitors - apps in Atlasmic App Store are something you should definitely try yourself.

Do you have a free trial of Atlasmic?

Yes, every plan is added with a free 14-day trial.

What if I decide to cancel?

If you no longer wish to use Atlasmic, you may cancel at any time. If there is something that we can refund you - we will, based on our refund policy. If you cancel before the free trial ends, your credit card will not be charged.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Do I need to be a developer?

Absolutely not! Atlasmic makes it easy for everyone not only to successfully install the platform but also to use it daily. If there is a moment when you feel insecure about something in Atlasmic - we'll guide you through any challenge.

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