Track visitor navigation trail, get insights into how they understand your value proposition, improve it.

Understand how your visitors find you

Every visit to your website is unique and has details that can be used later on. Whether you are trying to help people out or make more sales - we got you covered.

Constantly learning real-time database

Once the Atlasmic is installed to your website, that moment counts as your new advantage against your competitors. In order to understand more - we will constantly update your visitors’ database and make sure we got every detail right.

Create unique models and make predictions

In order to grow sales and to build awesome business, it is important to have accurate plans for the future. We focus on the Track app to give you the best insights and create unique suggestions for every visitor.

Integrate with other apps

Track works with other Atlasmic apps such as


Send accurate details about your every visitor to the chat app to create relationships.


Gather data the second visitor lands in your website and send it to other apps to trigger custom actions.


Generate constant updates about your visitors, wind up deep insights to weekly or monthly statistics.

Frequently asked questions

How to install Track app?

Track app can be found in the Atlasmic App Store. There you can enable it by clicking “Enable” button. There are no extra steps for the installation and the app starts working right away.

Is it legal to use Track app?

This app can be compared to every other analytics platform on the market. In order to use it correctly, you should always ask your visitors if they are happy about you collecting additional data to help build better experiences.

How is it different from other analytics?

While creating Atlasmic we believe it is important to stay ahead of your competitors and outwork others. The same principles are applied across our apps. Not only they are all connected in one suite, but also updated day by day to make sure you get everything you need to build a better business.

Can Track work without other apps enabled?

Yes, this app can work solely without other apps activated. This way, you can gather information about your users way before starting to experiment with the collected data.

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