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Hey, I’m Ben (Branding Expert), and I’m here to help you find your business name. Our business name generator will generate your results, and my tips below will help you understand which one is the right one.

How to Name Your Business?

When you start your business, it might be very overwhelming to think of a name for it. You might want to write down all the ideas on a paper, think of your competitors, get some ideas from your pocket - all in all, it’s hard. We understand that this is a common practice for everyone. However, there are many ways to make that process easier. The best way to start with your business name is to decide what goals are you trying to achieve. One thing is related to every business - the business name should be unique, memorable and represent the business category.

Our business name generator makes that name selection process ease. Get thousands of business name ideas absolutely for free.

Keyword (SEO) Based Names vs Brand Based Names

When selecting a business name, there are two types of names used in the market: names that are based on specific keywords or names that are created as brands.

Keyword (SEO) Based Names

Keywords are specific words that users search for when they are looking for information on the Internet. For example, if someone who likes movies will search “best movies in 2023”, your keywords would be exactly the words they search for. This keyword strategy is beneficial early on when you need a faster start in search engines. If your business name consists of keywords that are searchable - you will have better chances to get more visitors.

Brand Based Names

Business names that are based on brands are usually easy to remember, unique and simple to spell. These names are made from coined words, person names, catchy words or anything that comes to your mind. For example, if you decide to go by a business name “Koiro” - it is up to you. The name should not be related to something or have an explanation - most importantly, it should mean something to you.

How to Choose a Business Name?

1. Choose Your Business Name Type

Before trying to find the right business name decide what type of business name you want to get. If you decide to go with a keyword-based name, then your focus would be to invest more time in analyzing the keywords for better search engine results. If you decide to go with brand based names, you should start thinking way more broadly, writing down stuff that is related to the business you are doing.

2. Make it Less Than 3 Words

It is important that your business name would be memorable for others. Try to keep it up with a maximum of 2 words. Most of the businesses out there have a name that consists of one or two words and that is like that for a reason.

3. Check Availability

Before registering a business with a certain name, make sure your name is not taken by someone else. Check the availability of the business name not only in your country but also worldwide. Also, don’t forget to check if the domain name is available for your business.

4. Think About Branding

Every modern business has a brand identity. Make sure to think about your name ideas for company growth, as you will start small, eventually your business will grow. Don’t limit yourself to a business name that is hard to identify and difficult to make a logo.

5. Start Today

The most difficult thing about the business name is knowing when it is the right time to stop thinking about other versions. Firstly, it can seem very fun to write down all the ideas, however, track your time so you don’t take ages to confirm one. Once you find something that is available, looking great - start now.

Things To Avoid In Your Business Name

1. The Name is Already Used Somewhere

The rule is simple. If the name is taken by someone else, the scenario for you to start with that name is different. Not only this could involve any legal risks, but it also might bring some extra challenges.

2. The Name is Too Long

Sometimes you can find businesses that have very long business names that are hard to remember. That is a mistake that has downsides - not only from the branding standpoint, but people are also too lazy to write long words these days.

3. Bad Word Meaning in a Different Language

Imagine scaling your business and moving to foreign markets. There could be potential risks that your word might mean something awful in different languages. Before confirming your business name, check what that name means in a few languages.

How Business Name Generator Works?

A business name generator is a free tool that will give you suggestions for your next business idea. Not only it will offer you something unique and memorable, but the generator will also suggest company name ideas that are related to your selected category. The more you will be prepared before generating business names - the better the results will be. It is a free tool for everyone to use. Just remember, not use any existing brand names to avoid any legal risks.

Frequently asked questions

Is my business name available?

After you got your business name ready, there are a few checks you need to do before launching it to the public - and one of them - to check if the business name is available for you to use. First, check the online business databases to understand if there are no registered trademarks like that. Secondly, use the Google search - if there are no information related to that name - congratulations, you are good to go!

How to choose a website address for my business?

The website address should be the same as your business name. First, if you will mention your business to someone - it will be easier for them to find you online. Two, the website address is also an identity to your business - make it high quality.

How to keep your business name simple?

One good strategy to use when looking for a business name is to use an old technique called “radio test”. Imagine if you will advertise your business in a 5-second format. Try to come up with a name that is easy to spell and write down.

Why use a business name generator?

At first, this can seem a little non-sense. Finding a unique business name is a challenge, so you will probably think that others will also use these kinds of tools and catch good ideas. However, the blog name generator on this website has thousands of different connections to the name. Instead of displaying low-quality business names, it will personalize the keywords and provide you with only the results you are searching for.

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