Sales Acceleration Platform features

One platform for all your sales needs.


Understand which users are only one step away from becoming your clients, solve questions with conversations.

Order Tracking

Let your customers check their order status without contacting you.


Leave an option to connect with you even you are offline or don’t have live chat enabled.


Learn an incredible amount about where are your users from, what do they like and what they are looking for.


Easily connect to Shopify and have your customers' order history and details at your fingertips.


Know the second a potential lead visits your website, opens your messages.


Log every interaction automatically, easily keep all records of your users up to date.


2021 Q3
Get weekly or monthly updates about your traffic, sales interactions.


2021 Q4
Make your brand stand out with pixel-perfect design suggestions.


2021 Q4
Get insights about your visitors, predict users behaviour and needs.


2021 Q4
Convert not only more, but better. Get context why a visitor came to your site.

Frequently asked questions

What are the top used features?

Atlasmic users prefer Chat and Track apps the most. Currently, Chat stands as the #1 most popular app for the best customer experience in our app store.

Do you update the features list?

Yes, absolutely. We strive to be better and connect with businesses worldwide to constantly update the features list and make the Internet more friendly. We have a technology-first approach to help you sell and do everything in terms of that.

Can I try Atlasmic for free?

Yes! We have a free trial available for Atlasmic Pro plan. In addition to that, all our custom plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try Atlasmic and see how it works.

Is Atlasmic GDPR ready?

Yes. Our main focus in creating Atlasmic was to make individuals personal data protected not only under the 1995 Data Protection Directive, but also the GDPR. Atlasmic is ready both for businesses and visitors: you can easily export all of your data, permanently delete data which is linked to an individual user. Also, we will automatically delete all data on visitors that have not been active on your site in 9 months and ensure GDPR requirements are met.

How much time it takes to see sales growth results?

Usually businesses finish setting up Atlasmic in about 5 minutes. Once that is done, platform is only one click away of improving your Internet presence.

Best time to start is today

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