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Hey, I’m Ben (Branding Expert), and I’m going to help find your perfect name for your blog. Our blog name generator and tips will help you avoid bad results and get one that will present your blog the best.

How to Name Your Blog?

When you decide to start writing a blog, the beginning can be overwhelming. However, one good thing to remind yourself is that everyone feels the same way. It is essential to stay focused and work as efficiently as possible. The best way to start your online blog is to make a memorable and unique name - that could not only look good but be catchy to others. Instead of writing all ideas out on the paper, we suggest you work smart and use a blog name generator to generate names for your blog.

Our creative blog name generator suggests unique blog name ideas made just for you - absolutely for free. Give it a try.
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How Do I Find My Perfect Blog Name?

No matter how great your name will sound at the start of your blog, the way you write and brand it will make success. However, there are a few great examples for you to get inspiration from. We asked a few successful bloggers how they came up with their names.

How to Choose a Blog Name?

1. Keep it Less Than 4 Words

The blog name must express your brand and communicate to people what you are about. If you want for it to be memorable - try to keep up with a maximum of 3 words that describe your blog the best. Anything more than that will make it harder to remember.

2. Focus on Your Target Audience

Try to imagine what is the perfect reader of your blog. Consider what tone would be the best for them while reading your blog posts. The blog name should represent what is your visitor.

3. Have a Brand Identity in Mind

Your blog, like any other business, will be required to have a brand. Logo, slogan and value proposition can change in the future, but the name will be forever. Make sure that you will not limit yourself to a blog name.

4. Make Sure it is Available

Make sure your blog name is not taken by someone else. Not only this could involve any legal risks, but the same blog name could also be confusing for your readers. Also, check if the domain name of your blog is available.

5. Don’t Wait Too Long

Most of the time we decide to do something and then lose our motivation for it. The best advice for starting a great blog is to start once you’ve found something from the blog name generator that you like.

Things To Avoid In Your Blog Name

1. Similar to The Most Popular Blog

There is some value of ethics when we are speaking about professional blogging and blog names. If you are looking for a long-term blog name, you should think about a unique name.

2. Confusing and Hard to Understand

Blog names should be easily understandable for your target audience. If the name is difficult to read and requires additional decryption - you might want to select an easier version of it.

3. Hard to Pronounce

Your blog name should be easy to understand even for the non-native audience. We suggest avoiding letters that might not be super easy to say out loud. Imagine if someone asked if you write a blog, and what is the name of it? Exactly.

How Blog Name Generator Works?

A blog name generator is a tool that will give you suggestions for your unique, memorable blog name. It will suggest many blog name ideas based on the category and keywords you selected and help you find the one and only you are looking for. The blog name generator is free for everyone and prepared to give you instant and accurate results.

Frequently asked questions

How to trademark your blog name?

Creating a unique blog name is one of the most exciting parts when starting. However, looking in the future, it is smart to protect it with a registered and a legal trademark. The trademark would give you exclusive rights to identify your blog with that name. However, the trademark processes are different in each country. For example, in the United States, it is called “USPTO”, which stands for the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Is it okay to change your blog name?

It depends on many factors. The history of some name changes is clear - many businesses go through rebranding at one point in their lifetime. Two, it also depends on the time you already spent on the blog. If you are still early at your exploration, you might want to change the blog name for SEO purposes or other reasons. If you spent at least a few years writing a successful blog, there should be a more in-depth analysis before doing it right away.

How do you know if a business name is taken?

After you generate your blog name with Atlasmic, you might want to check if that blog name is available and not used by other blogs. You can check online business databases and use Google search - if there are no records with your blog name - you are good to go!

How to validate your blog name?

After you got your blog name, there are a few validation steps you should have in mind. Firstly, if you have a chance to test it out with your closest friends or family - you should let them know that you are up to something great. Secondly, connect with your target audience and ask if the name is memorable enough or if they got any suggestions for it. You can do that by installing software like Atlasmic, which lets you quickly connect with your visitors.

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