Easy way for your website visitors to contact you on your own terms.

Allow your customers to contact you easily

Let your visitors write you a message and reply via email when you're available. Bring them the answers and convert them into your customers.

Automatically switch to live chat when in office

Set up your office hours and switch to providing live chat support when you're available. Provide a contact form when you're unavailable.

Collect your customer information for contacting them later

Let your customers send their contact information: name, email and phone number. Collect this data in the CRM and use it for future campaigns.

Integrate with other apps

Contact works with other Atlasmic apps such as


Automatically switch to live chat when inside your office hours.


Learn about how the visitor navigated your website before submitting the contact form.


View Shopify customer details about the customer that sent you a message.

Frequently asked questions

How to install Contact app?

Contact app can be found in the Atlasmic App Store. There you can enable it by clicking “Enable” button. There are no extra steps for the installation and the app starts working right away.

How to turn off Contact app when Chat app is active?

We do have "office hours" to switch between Chat and Contact apps. In the Chat app settings, select your preferences on what time is suitable for you and the Contact app will automatically start working outside the office hours. Make sure both apps are enabled.

Is the Contact app free to use?

Yes. The Contact app is listed in our "free apps" category and that means it doesn't require any paid plans to be active for you to use it. Just install Atlasmic, enable the app and collect answers!

Is Atlasmic Contact app GDPR ready?

Yes. Contact app does not collect data automatically and only accepts inquiries that are written by your customers, with their own consent.

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