Order Tracking

Allow your customers to track their order status themselves.

Automate 60% of your customer support questions

Questions about order tracking status usually make up around 60% of all the customer inquiries. By providing an easy way for your customers to resolve this themselves, you make the life easier for yourself and improve your customer experience.

Integrate with multiple order tracking providers

Use data from Shopify or other order tracking providers. Provide up to date information to your customers directly from your API. Data from other tracking providers than Shopify is in beta right now.

Provide easy to access information about their orders for your customers

An easy way to check their order status for your customers not only reduces your customer support agents workload, but also improves the customer experience for your store customers.

Integrate with other apps

Order Tracking works with other Atlasmic apps such as


Allow your customers to live chat with you directly about their orders.


Integrate with fulfillment data from your Shopify store.


Enable your store customers to contact you on your own terms.

Frequently asked questions

How to install Order Tracking app?

Order Tracking app can be found in the Atlasmic App Store, once you are logged in. There you can select your tracking provider and enable the app by clicking the “Enable” button. The app will start working right away if no further authentification is required.

How order tracking works?

Order tracking works with help from various tracking providers. After you select the tracking provider (of your own choice), it will send the data to Atlasmic for us to continue the job. After the connection is done, the widget will be automatically prepared to send information about orders to your customers.

Is the Order Tracking app free to use?

Yes, absolutely. Order Tracking app is listed in our "free apps" category and that means it doesn't require any paid plans to be active for you to use it.

How to integrate Order Tracking with Shopify?

Different tracking providers can be activated on the app page. First, find the Order Tracking app in the Atlasmic App Store. Below the tracking providers' category, you will find Shopify. Click on the Shopify logotype and continue with the authorization process. Once that is done, the integration will work straight away.

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