October 15, 2020
1 min read

A New Way to Connect With Your Visitors

We made it to the first milestone - closed beta.

Ben Bitvinskas
Co-founder, Atlasmic
And it looks like we made it to the first milestone - closed beta. As I reflect to see what we achieved already, I’m more than amazed myself. For businesses that tested us out already - we made it easier for them to grow their brands, improve their online sales. In the past year, we all seen crazy things going worldwide - on the other hand, we adapt and move forward.
Businesses nowadays are expected to be modern, prepared for communication. New challenges have led us to faster technology integration, and many companies started using solutions they can’t relate. And that’s when Atlasmic idea was born: why Internet business should use something difficult to use, expensive and not beautiful? When you start looking around, you see that many are still searching for the best sales strategies, looking around what their competitors use and what they should use themselves.
However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Our primary mission is for you to sit back and enjoy, while our technology-first approach will help you sell and find the data you need to close more deals.
Did I get your attention? Let’s connect you with your visitors today.
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