May 26, 2021
2 min read

Atlasmic - Shopify Staff Pick of the Week 21

On a mission to continue to provide a seamless customer experience.

Ben Bitvinskas
Co-founder, Atlasmic
If you go to the Shopify Apps Store this week, you might notice something similar on the homepage. And you would be right - Atlasmic just got featured to be one of the top four apps that were selected by a jury.

What are Shopify Staff Picks?

Staff picks are the first four apps that a Shopify merchant sees when they look for any app for their ecommerce store. It is a curated collection of apps that are featured for a week, potentially seen by many merchants around the World.
To be selected, Atlasmic reflected those key responsibilities:
  • Atlasmic solves a niche problem for merchants (Live Chat, Marketing and Sales)
  • The app met Shopify’s public app requirements
  • Atlasmic has a good track record of offering excellent customer support

What does this mean for Atlasmic?

Being featured as a Staff Pick means holding a huge responsibility for the quality we provide. It is a true honour to onboard more sellers on our platform and make sure they have a seamless experience integrating Atlasmic into their flow. It not only adds to our mission to provide better customer service for ecommerce stores worldwide, but it is also an achievement for a company.

What does this mean for our users?

The answer is simple. Without your impact, this could not be achieved all alone. The trust we got from you, early insights, feedback sessions helped to grow Atlasmic as it is today. From the experience standpoint, the Staff Pick listing should not affect your experience with Atlasmic and the customer support reply times should stay the same.

Thank you

When we started Atlasmic, the main mission was to help prepare businesses to strive in a modern, high difficulty competitors background, and prepare them for an excellent customer service monolith. This journey is already amazing, new challenges have led us to faster technology integration, many companies trusted Atlasmic from day one, we expanded our blog to be quite an interesting one! We can’t wait to announce the new features we already have on our testing servers (sneak peek - did you ever wonder how cool it would be to let customers solve their order tracking questions in one click?). Let’s stay connected!
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